We are actively working on the following key areas to ensure our future prosperity and protect the wonderful courts that we are the custodians of.

Our 2015-2020 Development Plan is focussed on the following key areas:

Building relationships – with our key stakeholders; City of Mitcham Council, adjoining Clubs (Bowls, Croquet and CLGUC Tennis Club) and our residential Neighbours

Junior Tennis – thoroughly review the viability of pursuing a Junior Tennis program for our Club and if worth pursuing we will do it to the best of our endeavours

Coaching – decide what the best Coach for our Club  looks like then recruit this person and develop a mutually beneficial arrangement for the medium term

Volunteers and Club Culture – become better at recognising and rewarding our Volunteers and be more proactive and successful in approaching other Members to contribute

Social Tennis – recognise the trend away from regular competition tennis and react by maximising casual and social tennis activity by developing and promoting these options to potential players

Lawn Courts – continue to be the leading provider of lawn tennis courts in Adelaide by investing in equipment, maintenance, watering and a rebuilding/reseeding program. And, to maintain a Club that has the capacity to protect the long term future of our lawn courts.