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From Peter Haysman:

My contribution was going to be a litery masterpiece but alas! won’t be. It is not all about me, but I joined Reade Park as a junior in 1958.
In 1960 as a 20 yr old I played this old guy (about 30)in the final of the club singles. How could I possibly lose to someone that old!! Well I did!
Over the next 12 years or so, I managed to be runner-up 6 times and to win the doubles 6 times.
The guy I lost to in singles ,and together we won all the doubles, was Gary Woollacott.
He and I, played for South, in the District Tennis comp and all matches were played at the Drive.
Although we played under the South name, we were actually representing Reade Park.
Included in our team were state ranked players, Ellis Harris and Dudley Gouger who was also State captain and ranked State number 1.
Amongst the photos , number 117 shows Gordon Ackland and Dudley playing in the the 1958/9 Club singles final which Gordon won.
In 1960’s I was on the committee and dealt mainly on the Social side.Photo 10 shows the Pergola which was built from funds that were raised by holding Gambling nights at various venues. We raised over $3000! At one function held at Woodville, we thought that the Police had come to raid us, so we threw all the two-up and other games out of the shed window. We found out that the cops had just called in to visit the home-owner for a chat as he was a mate of theirs.
We spent ages finding all the dice etc in the grass outside the window so we could start again!In the early 70’s I was working in Darwin, and came back to Reade Park in 1976 and
and played Div 1 Metro Lawn for many years.

I might add that in the 60’s we used to have a lot of Sturt players and officials playing at our club as our President at the time was Herb Metcalf and he was also on the Committee at the Sturt football club.