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From Peter Haysman:


In the 80’s the club ran very successful pro-ams, providing great prizes and attracting the best tennis players in the state.
The main members in raising lots of $$ and putting our club on the map because of the pro-ams were Geoff Winter, Terry Welsh and Richard Hood.
The late 80’s were very special because the Metro men’s team and the Metro Ladies team used to have drinks and nibbles after our matches finished and that’s when I was very attracted to a beautiful lady who became my wife!!
Our committee meetings went from being very serious under Joe Haslam to being good fun under the leadership of Terry Welsh and Richard Hood.
The late 80’s and early 90’s were a bit of a problem with the small but loud nearby neighbours becoming more vocal about noise, car-parking, and social functions at the club.
As a club we needed to get to know some of our council members more as more and more pressure was being exerted on our club by the local action group.